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Hijacking the Wall St ticker

showing the Real time human emotions behind the stock Market


This project involved hijacking the live feed from the Nasdaq and developing a set of real-time human responses to represent the ups and downs of the Stock Market. (See video sample below)


Designing the universe with Buckminster Fuller

The 2nd edition of his masterwork: Anthology for the Millennium.

The 2nd edition of his masterwork: Anthology for the Millennium.


As a partner of Architecture and Design firm, Studio Zung, we designed the book cover for visionary architect, designer and environmental thinker, Buckminster Fuller. “Bucky” Fuller was the original comprehensive 360-degree thinker, combining science, poetry, engineering, design, art and nature with with everyday purposeful common sense. Credit: Studio Zung, Talley Carlston

"Bucky" Fuller spent his life working across multiple fields such as architecture, design, geometry, engineering, science, poetry and education, in his pursuit to make the world work for 100% of humanity. Fuller insisted on resisting monikers of specialization to describe his work, preferring instead to describe himself as a 'comprehensive anticipatory design scientist ' - 'an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.' This approach resulted in the creation of numerous artifacts that cross boundaries and defy normal categorization. 


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Turning NYC garbage into art

Collaborating with local businesses to create mountains of color instead of piles of trash. 








Going nowhere, fast

The joy of Human Powered Transportation


Text by Howard C / graphic design Talley C

Studio Zung 

Studio Zung 


In an age where everything is about speed, power and gas guzzling machinery, the most thrilling ride we can have often requires nothing but the imagination and some physical exertion.  


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A fashion blog that celebrates history's great achievers, misfits and radicals

The original Influencers & Instagram stars


From Vogue NY: Today’s myriad of style blogs has created an army of Internet stars out of editors and ordinary people, leaving genuine fashion icons (translation: individuals known for some artistic or political achievement which give their covetable getups a hefty jolt of gravitas) pretty much forgotten. But, an online magazine–slash–shopping site dedicated to style rebels with their own distinctive causes—Angela Davis, Frida Kahlo, and Lee Miller among them—aims to set that motion in reverse.

“It’s a celebration of the independent thinkers of the world,” says Howard Collinge...


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