Multi-disciplinary Creative Director & Writer


Howard Collinge is a multidisciplinary creative director, writer and strategist working at the intersection of design, brand development, advertising and technology. 





Beautiful Economics


NPR Morning Edition - Launching the iconic radio station’s first brand campaign.



Hijacking the Wall St ticker

And showing the Real time human emotions behind the stock Market


This project involved hijacking the live feed from the Nasdaq and developing a set of real-time human responses to represent the ups and downs of the Stock Market. 



Creating the original cat viral

(that spawned a million Youtube videos)

Channelling Dali and his  surrealist flying cat troupe of 1948

Channelling Dali and his

surrealist flying cat troupe of 1948


Way back, before cats became modern internet stars, I accidentally created the first viral cat video to circulate the globe. Controversial at the time, it made Top 10 Creative Hits by Campaign Magazine UK


Rated the Top 10 viral films in the world



 A collaboration with Google, YouTube and Code & Theory


Jamaican me crazy


As Group Creative Director at Code and Theory, we created a new YouTube series for Loreal, using influencer networks to build instant brand love - the whole process took four weeks for concept, production, editing and launch.

“YouTube video bloggers and other independent producers have been a growing part of marketing content creation for brands, sometimes in deals brokered by third parties. Now Google itself is getting in on the action, linking YouTube video production talent with brands and their agencies to produce video ads for the site.


Ad Age



Made for tall, short, rich, poor, sexy, smart, sporty, naughty, stylish people.

Made for all

Made for all body shapes

Made for all body shapes

Made for all ethnicities

Made for all ethnicities

Made for All New Yorkers. 

Made for All New Yorkers. 


Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that believes that good quality clothing should be available to people of all social, cultural and financial backgrounds. I worked closely with Uniqlo Tokyo to translate their core mission and brand promise into what became the “Made for All” tagline and global manifesto, used by Uniqlo's network of agencies. 

video credit: Michael Ferrare and Yutaka Tsujino. Creative partner: Thomas Hayo


Fast Company



Launching the Cadillac 2.0 at the Oscars

“Those who dare, drive the world forward”

Cadillac 1968

Cadillac 1968


Cadillac needed to change their brand and corporate philosophy. The Dare Greatly campaign signaled a shift to a more modern, design-lead company, even taking the step of relocating their design office to downtown NYC. Working with Publicis NY Creative Director Carlos Figueiredo, we wrote and created the Oscars launch film, summed up by the line, “Those who dare, drive the world forward”


Ad Age



Street art made from lipstick

The ultimate product demonstration: A mural made entirely from  Maybelline 'Super-stay' lipstick


Maybelline "24Hr Superstay"

Walk all over my lips, baby. Credit: Code and Theory, Ivy Tsang Associate Creative Director


Documenting the world's biggest migration for Heineken

Every four years, the Rugby World Cup attracts millions of passionate rugby fans from around the globe. Heineken is there to satiate their thirst. 



Mothers & Daughters — Fathers & Sons

Levi's shows Timeless cool across generations


No. 1

No. 2

No. 3


Levi's wanted to defy the trend-obsessed denim market by showing that 'cool' can stand the test of time. This campaign celebrates the timeless cool of a pair of Levi’s, across generations of the same family: Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. 



Helping MTV look into the future

The environment is falling apart, but will the music survive? A post apocalyptic Ad campaign: "Remember Today".


Remembering Gwen Stefani 

Remembering Eminem

Remembering Snoop Dog



Learning to speak body language


"don't mess with me"

"I'm a sexy beast"

"I'm in charge"


An anthropological study-meets-ad campaign for Levi's to launch a range of new denim cuts, each style reflecting a form of human expression and body language. 



How we helped Thinkpad outthink the traditional office 


Thinkpad "Complicated Plugs"

At Code and Theory, we worked with computer giant Lenovo to create a business focused campaign that tackled the everyday problems of office workers around the world. Credit: Writer Mike Ladshaw.


Rebranding air travel

Who needs flying when you can have Happy Jetting? 

Who needs flying when you can have Happy Jetting? 


Rebranding air travel, which had previously been a tedious and unpleasant experience, to a new kind of experience, Happy Jetting. It worked and millions of travelers switched to the idea that flying and travel can be a stress-free, even happy experience. 



The luxury beauty & the machismo beast

Introducing the Maserati into the American market



How an award winning content series sparked a national debate

One Show Gold

One Show Gold


When MTV asked us to create some hype around Snoop Dogg’s tour of Australia, we seeded the idea that Snoop was planning to migrate to Australia with his entourage. The Australian Government had a meltdown and millions of people entered into a nation-wide debate on immigration. 

The branded content series got the Australian Prime Minister involved in the debate; made Snoop Dog a hero in Australia; and won One Show gold for branded content.


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Creating a fantasy airline for Axe body spray

(A creative and business success. but kinda stupid and sexist too)



A cinematic tribute to a pocket for Levi's



The performance enhancing drug that's good for you. Music. 


Spring Moves “Sonic Energy”


Working with Spring Moves, a sports App company, I created the strategy and creative idea that talked about music as a form of energy, more powerful than performance-enhancing drugs, power bars and sugar-loaded energy drinks combined. Credit: Dael Oats, director & co-writer.