Multi-disciplinary Creative Director & Writer

Re-writing the book on Economics  

with the help of Adam Smith, Buddha, Andy Warhol, Homer Simpson & Plato

Beautiful Economics: How art, design, beauty and Unicorns will save the universe, shines a light on the power of creativity to lift the economy as well as the human spirit. It is a reframing of economics as a force for good, and a vehicle for human creativity to flourish whilst solving the most pressing problems of the 21st century, whether in saving the environment or making us happier individuals.

Beautiful Economics is also about making the subject of economics more dynamic and relevant to a new generation of people who view our current economic system

as tired and broken. It is a compendium of ideas and inspirational quotes, designed to spark the reader’s own imagination as well as generate discussion, debate and ultimately action towards a creativity-driven, more humane and sustainable economic system.

Written by Howard Collinge with the help of Adam Smith, Buddha, Andy Warhol, John Maynard Keynes, Homer Simpson and John Foster.

Credit: John Foster Art Director, Talley Carlston Graphic Design